Nancy Jonker, PhD, is an experienced psychologist and coach. Her professional career, spanning twenty-eight years includes teaching, trainings and workshops, transformational retreats, small and large group facilitation, and speaking. She is the author of Get Your POWER On! Her long-standing interests are body/mind integration and empowerment for women.

Nancy grew up as the middle child of six, with two older sisters, two younger sisters, and a younger brother. Growing up with so many girls sensitized her to the multiple challenges females face.  Never satisfied with the status quo, Nancy searched for ways to break out of the mold of her small town.

After finishing college, she set off to graduate school in Bowling Green, Ohio where she earned a PhD in clinical psychology. She completed her internship at Michigan State University where she first began her empowerment work with women.

Additional training in neo-Reichian bodywork allowed Nancy to hone her skills in working with the whole person, body and mind, to effect change. Her work is now more efficient and fun as women learn to use their eyes, hands and feet to increase their personal power.


In 2008, Nancy Jonker moved out of a sole proprietorship practice and founded Integrative Healing Centre, LLC where she has offered body-centered, holistic therapy to individuals, couples, and groups.

Nancy Jonker speaking at Harvard Business School

Nancy Jonker, PhD
Speaking at Harvard Business School

Nancy Jonker author of Get Your POWER On!

Nancy Jonker, PhD
Best Selling Author

Nancy has personally used every strategy in Get Your POWER On! not only to write the book but to build a business, raise two children, recover from marital setbacks, and transform from a powerful woman to a woman exuding competence and strength.


Nancy loves to conduct corporate retreats and workshops for small businesses, large organizations, entrepreneurs and women interested in growing their personal power, becoming more effective leaders, improving their relationships, expand their impact or up-leveling their businesses.

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